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 WC2C About
I became licensed in 1987 after being a short wave and scanner fan for many years. In the very difficult world we are living in, Amateur radio is a very positive activity to bridge cultures and help increase understanding between diverse people around the world. I very much enjoy Chasing DX, as well as being very active on VHF and UHF. Also,I am a member of the ARRL and the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC). Now I am retired and am able to devote substantial time to amateur radio activities. The internet is very nice, however, to me there is still no greater thrill than to bounce my signal around the ionosphere to the other side of the world using radio waves. I live in a very congested city environment, and with a homebrew multiband dipole antenna up on the roof, about 35 feet up, and basic 100 watt transceiver, I have been able to work many interesting and very exotic places. I have been using a Kenwood TS 830S and a Kenwood TS 440SAT for HF. Along with the TS830S, I am using the VFO 230, SP230, and the AT 230. On VHF I am using an Icom V-8000 on 2 meters and an Icom 38A on 220 MHZ. I also use a Kenwood 731A for UHF. For scanning I am using the Yaesu FRG 9600. I am using a Diamond X50 for 144MHZ and 440MHZ. For 220MHZ, I am using a Larson mobile antenna on a groundplane.
I have worked over 225 different DXCC countries and have attained DXCC in Phone as well as CW and RTTY modes. I also earned the 4X4=16 Award, the Israeli Award, the Israel Crusader Fortresses Award, as well as the Jerusalem Award from the Israel Amateur Radio Club. The 17th Maccabiah Games Award also was very challenging and fun to achieve.

I also am active on RTTY and Packet Radio modes. For RTTY and Packet I use a PK232 and a PK88. The Pk 88 is connected to a Kenwood TM 2550. I am using an ancient XT computer for Packet and RTTY. It works very well with the Procomm Plus program. Also,I enjoy going to hamfests and socializing with fellow amateur radio operators. Working the various contests throughout the year is very exciting and is a good way to work new countries on the different modes. These interesting and challenging contests also helped me get the Worked All States Award as well. Shalom V Lishtamaya 73 de WC2C