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 Personal pages 

 4Z5KJ About

I was born in small resort town on the Black Sea coast. First licensed as EZ5JAA in 1980. After that I have keeping licences - UB5JAR, UA0ZY....
Last 10 years  I doing  my pile-ups from 4X4-land ...
Im a second HAM in my family . My dad has licensed as UB5CDW in 1961 . He was well known HAM in Ukraine - UU2JM .He has passed away in 1999.... My wife had russian call UA0ZFR . Se's 4Z5QD now ...

I tryed to be on - in  any possible amateur radio activity - best of all-  expeditions ....

I am happy to be associated with Russion Robinzon Club . http://www.hamradio.ru/rrc/news_e.asp

My past IOTA activities :

UA0ZY/p  AS-095  1998 Starichkov Island
UA0ZY/p AS-095 1999 Krasheninnikova Island
UA0ZY/p AS-142 1999 Kambalny Island - NEW ONE !
4Z5KJ/p  AS-100 2002 , 2005 Ahava Island ....the same  island later , in 2005 .                                                                                               


I'm spending a time in Lighthouse operations too.
Maked thousands of QSO
from israelian LGT as follows :

  • Mikhmoret Lighthouse ISR-006
    Haifa Lighthouse ISR-004
    Eilat Lighthouse ISR-002
    Eilat-Marina Lighthouse ISR-007.
  • Akko Lighthouse ISR-003
  • Yaffa Lighthouse ISR-005

Have you called me from other countryes ?  No?

I have activating a lot of LIGHTS in SV,EA6,EA8,GW,DL,LY, F6,TF,3A.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1n9nnc-9ls - just one of my short movies on YOUTUBE....

Im - CW and operator mainly .... But sometimes i taking microphone in my hand , mostly , while I driving ....

One of  most interesting things for me is a mobile DX-ing , when I can drive  and  operate  my radio at the same time ..

Look to my mobile key  - I working CW , while mooving with 100 km/hour .. spending time and time runs (Hi! )

Have you worked me in the contests ? 4Z5J - is my contest call


Holyland is  very interesting and complicated programm for HAMs in the world . THe Award is wonderful !

If you have no this trophey on your wall -  go ahead ! 14265 - this frequency you need to monitor from time to time .

Holyland mobiles , me and overs , drives for you  across this small and hot  country from one square to another , long hours .

I do this work  sometimes by the way - the way from one of my customer to another ..

I working as field service engineer for UPS - till 65000 km per year .... part of them operating for Holyland Programm chasers ....

Another my hobby - HAM festivals organizing .

Look for our special WEB-page for israelian HAM-fest : http://fest.qrz.co.il

Maybe you'll find somebody there , who was in touch with you on the Air .  Enjoy the Album ... and   WISH you were here !

OK !

If you should hear me on the frequency - give me a call - will be nice to see you !

Sincerely yours - Alex 4Z5KJ/4Z5J/ 9H3KJ/UA0ZY   73!