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 4Z4dx About

I was born 1951 and learned about HAM radio from my father s.k. 4X4VB.
I was first licensed in 1968 and have been very active since then.

Son Mat - 4Z5DX

My other callsign: ZC4DX ,TL8DX ,ZF2IB .OK8WW ,JY8WW ,OM9ADX ,VK3JDX ,4X0AI-IOTA-AS-100 ,4Z2DX ,4Z6DX ,4Z8DX ,4Z0DX ,4X6A ,9N7DX , M0DOV.

I am very active in SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV and PSK31 on shortwave and 6m. I have a big award collection including DXCC - Honor Roll, 5BWAS, 9BWAZ, 5BDXCC, DLD 1000, YL DXCC, IOTA Honor Roll (over 950 islands confirmed) and many more...

Contests ( first place in world ):
WPX CW 80M 1980 ; WPX CW 40M 1981 ; CQWW CW 80M FROM MY ZC4DX QTH ;CQWW CW 20M AS: 4Z8DX

eQSL ( www.eqsl.cc ) :
I have now 152 country confirm there 4z4dx vk3jdx m0dov jy8ww zc4dx 5b4xx 9n7dx tl8dx zf2ib ok8dg om9adx 4x0ai-as 100

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

I was member of the famous JY74X - Mount Nebo DX-pedition together with the late King Hussein, JY1 signing JY8WW .

You may find me Saturday afternoon around 14.265 operating mobile for the
Holyland Award or in any major pileup. Now I am specially focused on collecting lighthouse stations. If you are going to activate one please drop me a line.

i qrv from  9N7DX... in april/may 2003