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Project QRZ.co.il is a free (hey, its a hobby!) online HAM radio service. Our goal is to provide a classy presentation about Amateur Radio to current and prospective ham radio operators.

Our interest is in promoting amateur radio as a great hobby and service. This project is for prospective new hams who'd like to join in on the fun and excitement of Amateur Radio, and for existing amateur radio operators who are looking for current news , history of Amateur Radio and information about ham radio happenings.

We also run stories on new radio technologies, shortwave listening, satellites, and radio scanning - anything having to do with radio communications.

Project QZ.co.il is freeware - we do this as a hobby. We welcome submission of editorial content - if you have a story you'd like to share with others, please drop us email to info@qrz.co.il and tell us what you have. We reserve the right to edit your material or refuse use of your material.

Where Are We Located? - Server QRZ.co.il located in Tel-Aviv at best and dearest provider URBIS.
The primary web site www.QRZ.co.il was created by Sundail Studio . Programming and admin - 4Z5MU .